Finding the best Gaming keyboard requires effort, a lot of research, and a good budget, but the advantages it can give you are really worth it if you want the best experience during your game. Gameing keyboards have a mechanical system, much more precise and faster than a conventional one, designed for those of us who have been dedicated to gaming for a long time.

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Features of the best gaming keyboard

Knowing the features that the best gaming keyboards should have will make your choice easier. Next, we will explain in detail some of those features that you should take into account before choosing the best gaming keyboard for you.

Switch Colors and Markings

There are three types of switches to choose from:

  • The linear ones, in red or black, offer no resistance or make too much noise, so they are very precise and can be activated at the slightest push of keystroke. If you are a gamer dedicated to action games where very fast reactions are required, this is the best gaming keyboard for you.
  • The brown tactile ones, which do not make sound but offer a certain resistance that allows you to know how far the key has been pressed, so they are very useful in strategy-type games, or in those where precision is more important than speed.
  • The sound ones, blue or green, that offer resistance when pressing and make sound when the key is activated, making them the best gaming keyboards for games that require great concentration on the screen.

The best gaming keyboards allow you to exchange keys individually and have several types of switches, a single unit according to the needs of the user. As for brands, you must make sure that it is a recognized and reliable one. There are good brands available in the market like Logitech, Corsair, Cooler Master, Gigabyte.

Actuation force and Activation time

Actuation force is the amount of weight, or pressure, a key can withstand before being actuated and is measured in grams force (gm), grams (g), or centiNewtons (cN); some support 45g, others 60g, or even 80g . The higher the number, the more difficult it will be to press the key and the more force you will have to apply.

Activation time refers to the time that passes from when the key is pressed until the key press is detected, and can be less than 2 milliseconds (ms). The lower the number, the higher the reaction speed, however, if you tend to be imprecise, you should make the reaction time shorter and thus avoid wrong keystrokes.

Key Rollover

It is the regulation that keyboards have to allow, or not, a certain number of keystrokes at the same time, and you can know it when you find a number followed by the initials KRO in the keyboard specifications. For example, 6KRO means that it supports and recognizes the pressing of 6 keys at the same time, which is the minimum that a good peripheral should have. The best gaming keyboards, the mid-high range ones, can recognize the pressing of all the keys together.

Software and Macro keys

The software will allow you to program the macro keys to create shortcuts, predetermined game profiles or complex combinations with a single press, thus improving the fluidity of the game. They are usually placed above the F buttons or to the left of the keyboard, but this layout can vary from brand to brand.

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This aspect is not only aesthetic, in addition to adding a lot of style to the appearance of your keyboard, it will allow you to play in low light environments. Depending on the make and model, this feature can give you the ability to recognize keys and make it easier to memorize them, and even know the temperature of your PC’s graphics card or processor.

Almost all gaming keyboards include LED lights , which can be of a single color or have a support of 16.8 million shades and colors on each key, so that you can create all the effects that you can think of.

Connection system

It can be wireless or via USB. Although wireless keyboards are now widely used, they cannot adapt quite well to some situations. They can suffer from interference, be less precise and only allow 5 presses at a time, so they are for games that do not require too many combinations of commands.

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This aspect should always be taken into account, since it directly influences the useful life of your keyboard. They are usually made of ABS plastic, which is very resistant, or even metal, and can withstand the sweat of your hands without erasing the keys. The best gaming keyboards can withstand extreme shocks against the floor or the wall and in some cases, are resistant to liquids.

Advantages and disadvantages of gaming keyboards

The best gaming keyboards support more than 50,000,000 keystrokes without problems and give the gamer the option to change a key that has been damaged without affecting the others. They won’t have ghosting problem, or invalidation, when pressing more than two keys and they have many options to customize them.

Its disadvantages are rather few, among which are the noise produced by its typing, which is why it is not recommended for use in a room with other people; they are usually much bulkier than other types and have a high cost.

Best Keyboard = Best Player

Without a doubt, buying a good gaming keyboard will offer you great advantages. Whether you’re a professional or an amateur, a key that doesn’t work well or at a poor speed can mean losing an important game. We know how nice it is to beat the levels of a game, and get good results when we play with our friends.

For this reason, the most advisable thing would be to choose a mechanical keyboard with a USB connection with long cables, from there you will have a world of possibilities and options to decide which is the best gaming keyboard, always taking into account the type of game and your own skills.

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